How many socks and underwear should I bring to college?

You should bring 15-20 pairs of underwear and socks to college.

Why so many?

Well, first off, socks are famous for getting lost on the washer. According to one study, the average person loses over 1,200 socks in their lifetime—or 16 pairs per year. The last thing you need is to run out of socks right before a first date or big test, and, considering that most socks are relatively cheap, you’re better off overpacking than under packing.

For some quick fun, use this lost sock calculator to figure out how much money you’re throwing away on lost socks.

With underwear, it’s just the same. No one wants to have to dip into their dirty hamper because they’re out of clean laundry. Bringing 15+ pairs of underwear will ensure this never happens. It also gives you the flexibility to throw out pairs over time, rather than feeling like you have to hold onto every pair you own as they get rattier and rattier.

If you go to a school somewhere with multiple distinct seasons of weather, you’ll want to bring at least 10 pairs of socks for each type of weather.

This means that, if you’re going somewhere with cold falls/winters and warmer springs, you should bring 10 low socks that can go with sneakers, and 10 mid-calf or knee-length socks to go with long pants.

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