Do you get to pick your college roommate in college or university?

Yes! At almost every college, you should be able to request who you room with. If you don’t already know one—or know anyone you’d want to spend a whole year living with, at least—you can use your university’s roommate matching system. In some cases, colleges may decide not to give you your “chosen” roommate(s), usually … Read more

Is there an age limit to live on campus?

Most colleges do not have a firm policy barring students above a certain age from living in on-campus dorms. Most schools prevent students under a certain age from living in the dorms. We surveyed dozens of college Res Life administrators, none of which reported having an upper age limit for students living in their dorms. … Read more

When is it too late to switch colleges?

It is only “too late” to switch (AKA transfer) colleges if it will set back your preferred graduation timeline. Generally, transferring before the end of your sophomore year will prevent you from having to push back your graduation date. Your graduation timeline will be pushed back if the minimum attendance duration at your new school … Read more

How many days of college can you miss?

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to how many days you can miss college classes. You will have to check with individual professors to learn about their absence policies. Colleges generally avoid having such policies because, at the college level, they expect any adverse effects related to absences to show up … Read more

Is 27 too old for college?

27 is not too old to start college. As we’ve discussed elsewhere, at pretty much any college or university, you will be surrounded by people ranging from 18-year-olds through retirement age. When you go to college, you’ll find that the student body wasn’t nearly as uniform age-wise as it was in high school. Whether you’re … Read more