How to write about personal subjects in a college essay

Your college admissions essay is all about giving admissions officers a peek into who you are. However, at the end of the day, admissions officers are judges of your skills, experience, and potential—not your therapists. This may sound harsh, but in order to write a successful college essay, you must be strategic about how much … Read more

How to write a last minute college essay (that you’re proud to turn in)

We’ve all done it: procrastinated, procrastinated, procrastinated, and then, ultimately, hated ourselves. No one wants to be there. But that’s where you are. So let’s put our head down and figure out how to move forward. Step 1: Get motivated, and lose the distractions. The hardest part of any essay is getting started. Finding that … Read more

How to get motivated to write your college essays—5 distraction-proof tips

Your college essays are some of the most important papers you’ll ever right. Regardless of whether you’re trying to sit down to write your admissions essay or the final paper of your senior year, distractions are everywhere and motivation is often nowhere to be found. Getting distracted is hard-wired into you. It is part of … Read more

How to choose the perfect college essay topic

According to some studies, the quality of your college admissions essay accounts for 25% of your overall application. That means getting it right could be the difference between an acceptance letter and a rejection. Writing the perfect college essay starts with choosing the perfect essay topic. Not only will the topic you choose play a … Read more

When is it too late to switch colleges?

It is only “too late” to switch (AKA transfer) colleges if it will set back your preferred graduation timeline. Generally, transferring before the end of your sophomore year will prevent you from having to push back your graduation date. Your graduation timeline will be pushed back if the minimum attendance duration at your new school … Read more