How to be a good college roommate—5 landmines to avoid and 5 things you must do

No one wants to be in an uncomfortable living situation, and most people don’t want to put another person in an uncomfortable living situation, either. But being a good roommate doesn’t always come naturally—especially at college, where you’re potentially living with a stranger for the first time in your life. To be a good roommate, … Read more

Do you get to pick your college roommate in college or university?

Yes! At almost every college, you should be able to request who you room with. If you don’t already know one—or know anyone you’d want to spend a whole year living with, at least—you can use your university’s roommate matching system. In some cases, colleges may decide not to give you your “chosen” roommate(s), usually … Read more

What dorm essentials should you share with your roommate(s) in college?

In college, you’ll need to flex your boundary-setting skills more than you ever have before. Personal space is (more or less) out the window, so let’s turn our attention to something nearly as important: your belongings. How should I split expenses with my college roommate(s)? According to the National Retail Federation, the average students spends … Read more

How to talk to potential college roommates — The 10 questions you need to ask

For many, your college roommate is going to be your introduction to living with strangers. Not just meeting strangers, not just hanging out with them, but living with them. You don’t need us to tell you that living with someone else is a high wire act. Over time, people get comfortable, drop their social graces, … Read more

What do I do about my snoring college roommate?!

The first day went great. You’re unpacked (well, mostly) and are worn out from a long day of exploring campus and meeting new people. You’re in bed, half asleep, dreaming of the scholastic adventures to come this semester—when you suddenly snap awake. An animal is dying across the room! A whole pack of them! Oh, … Read more