About Us: FAQs about our FAQ

College can be hard. Let’s work together to make it a bit easier.

Q: Who is in charge here?

A: I graduated from Worcester State University in 2018 with a major in Communication and a minor in Writing. My college experience was, to say the least, a lot. But I was lucky enough to have a strong support system that I could go to with the questions for which the answers seem impossible to find at college.

My goal is to be that support system for you. I want to work together to build a one-stop shop for all the questions people might have about college.

While I do leverage my own personal experience as a college graduate to answer these questions, more importantly, I try to make my English 101 professor proud by backing up every answer I provide with reputable sources.

Q: How DO I Get in touch?

We want to hear from you! Suggest questions you’d like to see answered, improvements to existing FAQs, or more!